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If you ask questions, please try to be specific so I don't have to guess what you're trying to ask. Also, try to put at least a little effort in composing the question so it doesn't sound totally juvenile, which would lead me to suspect it may have been written by a bored kid who just likes wasting others' time.


 Just go to Questions and blast away. I'll try to answer you within a week. Unless I'm real busy or whatever.
Now, I've got to tell you I'm no tax expert. I just answer by a) what I seem to recall from experience; b) what I can easily look up ; and, c) by gut feel. I'm sort of a fly by the seat of my pants type of guy. This works for my clients. But, it may not work for you.
Anyway, you know whatever I say is definitely not authoritative. So, you should always check with a professional to see what works for your specific case.
Note: I only answer easy questions. So, please don't ask me anything about US  or other foreign taxes, complex corporate questions etc.

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I've been wrong before. I'll be wrong again. And, anything and everything you read here may be wrong also.
I accept zero responsibility for any consequences that may result from using the information contained on this site.
This site is not designed to dispense authoritative tax info. Rather, you have the opportunity to get a 'gut feel' answer on commonly asked tax related questions from a CA in public practice.

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